What does ZWM have to offer? 

Our first priority at ZWM is to be the best active stock market learning community we can possibly be. To achieve this goal, the ZWM team offers easily understandable trade alerts for options trades, including scalps, day trades, swing trades, and LEAPs to our community of over 800 members. Additionally, the ZWM team offers supplemental trading resources such as advanced AI trading alerts, options contract order flow AI, and an informational command AI with over 100 unique commands. Pairing these trading resources with the educational experience provided by ZWM through personalized videos, guides, and walkthroughs is the perfect way for any options trader to develop their strategies into a full time income!

What platforms do ZWM traders use?

Discord is the platform ZWM uses to communicate their trade alerts and resources. The most common options trading platforms ZWM traders use include Webull, Robinhood, and ThinkOrSwim. Educational trading platform resources are provided to members.

How do I get access to the Discord server?

Access to the ZWM discord server is granted upon the purchase of a ZWM membership subscription, found under the memberships tab on the official ZWM website. Once a subscription is purchased, check the inbox and spam folders of the email used to sign up. There you will find emails from ZWM that include your discord server invite links.

What payment methods are accepted by ZWM?

All payment methods accepted by ZWM can be found in the footer section (very bottom) of the official ZWM website. The most common payment methods used by ZWM members include all major bank debit and credit cards such as Apple Pay, Discover Card, Mastercard, and Visa.

What is the refund or cancellation policy for ZWM?

Refunds are not accepted or issued by ZWM under any circumstances. All members have the ability to cancel their memberships at any time by logging into their account on our website, viewing active subscriptions, and canceling the desired subscription. Memberships can also be canceled by accessing and following the prompts included in the emails received by ZWM upon purchase of a membership. Cancellation of a ZWM membership would result in immediate termination of access to the official ZWM discord, as well as any other services provided by ZWM.

How do I contact you if I need help?

Being an active learning community with over 800 members, the ZWM team is accustomed and committed to being interactive and personally involved with the members subscribed to our services. This includes interacting with our members in real time through the official ZWM discord. For formal questions or concerns, direct message @zwmtrading on Instagram, or refer to the “Contact Us” tab found on the official ZWM website. Please allow up to 48 hours for a formalized response from the ZWM support team. As an alternative you can also email us at support@zwmtrading.com, or give us a call at 813-544-2911.

Do you have a referral program for existing members?

ZWM does not currently offer a referral system for any subscription based members. This program policy is subject to change

How much money do you recommend starting with?

ZWM recommends starting with $500-$1000. This will give you enough capital to efficiently begin trading with ZWM. This is simply a recommendation however, as you can begin your trading journey with any amount of money.

What is the success rate for ZWM?

The success rate of the options and futures signals sent to the ZWM discord is 85% over an 18 month period. While we take pride in our high win rate, the mission of ZWM is to provide the market's best active learning community, which involves more than simply making the right stock picks for our members. The true success rate of ZWM can be seen through the experiences and reviews of ZWM shared by its members. The results speak for themselves, take a look for yourself by visiting the official ZWM social media platforms, found on the official ZWM website.