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  • Why Choose ZWM?

    We are a tight knit trading community of over 2000 active members and staff that are always looking to offer a helping hand. ZWM is a family environment!

  • Custom Data Tools

    Make the most of your ZWM trading experience with our custom market data tools that give you the most accuracte and up to date insider trading activity alerts.

  • 5 Full Time Analysts

    ZWM offers daily buy and sell trade alerts from 5 full time professional trade analysts who are actively engaging with members during and after market hours.

All Access ZWM Package


The Complete ZWM Experience

With our Masterclass program, you will receive access to everything ZWM has to offer! ZWM Masterclass offers access to three different tier exclusive trade alerters, including alerts and insight from the CEO of ZWM, Zach!

Government and Insider Trades

Receive constantly updated informational data regarding senators, house members, and company insiders' latest trades on the open market.

Futures Trade Alerts

ZWM Masterslass offers exclusive access to futures trade alerts that maintain a consistent 90% win rate or higher each week. Along with our futures trading classes and educational material, any trader can add futures trading to their trading skill set!

Meet The Team

  • Zach Dunlap

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Trevor Mervine

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Carlos Perez

    Chief Administrative Officer

  • Jonathan Leonard

    Lead Developer

  • Khai Huynh

    Content Developer